Project Operations Centre for Microsoft Teams

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PMO4Teams will soon be available in the Microsoft Teams App Store

What is PMO4Teams?

PMO4Teams is a Teams App that creates a digital project management backoffice in your TEAMS environment.

Once it is installed in your environment, you will discover a new team in your TEAMS environment by the name of PMO4TEAMS. (You can change the name at any point in time)

The PMO4Teams team serves as your project operations center, providing you with all the necessary functions required for the efficient management of all your projects.

Who needs a Projectmanagement Organisation?

Every Project that is planned and executive by a team of people requires an underlying robust project management organisation.

A good project management organisation allows project teams to concentrate on achieving their project goals and frees them from spending time on non-productive organisational chores.

Why Microsoft TEAMS?

The Microsoft Teams Environment provides a robust framework for any organisational structure in that, apart from its core communications and collaboration functions, it enables the seamless integration of other Microsoft applications such as:



Project (for the Web)


How it works:

Through the Microsoft Teams Data Architecture all project data is stored in one unified data environment.

This not only satisfies the GDPR requirement for data transparency, it also facilitates easy, yet detailed analysis of all project data with the help artificial intelligence.

Through the Microsoft Teams Data Architecture all project data is stored in one unified data environment.

This not only satisfies the GDPR requirement for data transparency, it also facilitates easy, yet detailed analysis of all project data with the help artificial intelligence.

What are the major pain points in managing projects?


Time and Budget overruns


Inefficiencies in managing projects

Unrealistic premises regarding performance of teams

Inability of organisations to learn from their mistakes

Reality gap between true status of project and status reported to management

Reality gap between theoretical resource levels and practical resource availability

How does PMO4Teams adress these pain points?

To begin with, it provides you with with a powerful project management organisational infrastructure with in your TEAMS environment.

It enables you to setup up a project environment for every new project with a few clicks.

It allows you to define and manage your project teams with ease and it provides you with all the relevant data to allocate and manage of resources efficiently and effectively.

Best of all you can draw detailed data based lessons learn from the projects that have been executed and integrate the lessons into your project plan templates.

PMO4Teams sets up a project communications site for each project, which automatically feeds upwards into a department communication site.

It standardises and automates project reporting, thereby reducing „green washing“ while freeing up valuable time for your project managers

What can you do with PMO4Teams?

The functions described in the right hand column are not executed manually but through the execution of software code, when triggered by a user. (Infrastructure as Code)

To begin with, you can:

Create dedicated project „rooms“ in TEAMS for each project

Create a project plan from a selection of predefined, fully functional project plan templates designed for different types of projects

Create a communication website (SharePoint) for each project

Exchange project information with your ERP systems*

Define and onboard project teams with internal as well as external team members

Set up complete meeting schedules for each project, based predefined meeting guidelines and cadences

Set up project reporting based on predefined reporting templates

Advanced project planning

We have enhanced the functional scope of Project (for the web) significantly:

  1. You can now either build your own enriched project plan templates or purchase templates online from us.
  2. Our projectplan templates include resources and workloads for all tasks. This feature enables you to forecast your resource requirements for projects that have not yet started. Task loads are made visible for role-based resources, so that personnel requirements can be defined well in advance. 
  3. We have added a category of tasks defined as meetings to facilitate a robust meeting management.

Easy management of resources

Managing human resources in projects has always been a tedious task.

In most project management tools, assigning and re-assigning resources to tasks in your project plan still has to be be done manually task by task.

In PMO4Teams this is no longer the case:

  1. You can assign users to a whole set of tasks across an entire project
  2. Alternatively, you can reassign open tasks to a new colleague during a project 
  3. Through PowerBI you can plan and track the work loads of your project workers in individual projects or across all projects. 
  4. Workload adjustments can easily be made via PMO4Teams

Effective change management

Changes are inevitable within any project. Managing the changes, however is a major pain point for many.

  1. We adress by providing a change log that can be linked to any task in the relevant project plan. So changes are not applied directly to the project plan (Project for the Web does not support baseline functionality) but are recorded in a seperate change log to the plan.
  2. We then provide extensive analytic reports via PowerBI that allow for a true data based „lessons learned“ during or after each project.
  3. Finally we provide an interface through which project plan templates can be updated or modified from the data captured in the change log.

Instant meeting schedules

Meetings represent a major headache for most organisations. The general feeling is, that far too many meetings are being held while producing far too little tangible outcomes. 

  1. We cannot provide a remedy for the problem of outcomes, but we can help make sure that necessary meetings are made more visible and given a higher priority, by scheduling all required meetings in a dedicated project calender from the outset of the project through to the conclusion of the project.
  2. The rules concerning cadence and the group of participants are pre-defined in the project plan templates and the meeting schedule is rolled out with the activation of each new project plan.
  3. Naturally, all meetings within the calender can be re-scheduled at any given time by the project manager.

Project reporting to go

Project reporting is absolutely necessary and a major pain for most project managers, because it takes up an inordinate amount of time to prepare.

  1. With PMO4 TEAMS we elimate much of the preparation time through project reports that are automatically populated with relevant project data.
  2. This allows the project manager to concentrate on salient topics and at the same keeps project managers honest, by eliminating the temptation to „green wash“ project progress.